Choose Racz Catheter Treatment For Your Severe Chronic Back Pain

Obviously, if you happen to be suffering from severe chronic back pain you would need to treat the condition as gently as possible. In fact, for patients of severe chronic back pain there is certainly a pressing need to consult a professional regarding the most appropriate treatment method. Among the many different severe chronic back pain treatment methods there is one that stands out from the rest and that is the one known as Racz-catheter procedure.

How Long Is Long Enough?

It is also necessary to learn just how long the treatment for severe chronic back pain should last and when will it become necessary to consider having surgery done. Finally, you need to also establish which procedure is best and when to opt for more minimal treatments. There is also need for a patient to understand that there is an urgent need to stop the severe chronic back pain from worsening and to also make sure that things remain under control so it is necessary to consult a neurosurgeon or orthopedic specialist.

Sometimes the best treatment for severe chronic back pain is one that is interdisciplinary and which allows experts from different specialties to recommend suitable solutions and to also implement and coordinate between different treatment options.

The Racz Catheter is a good treatment option for your severe chronic back pain and it makes use of local anesthesia and a catheter which is inserted into the skin and into the patient’s spinal column until it touches the nerve root where pain is most severe. To aid the doctor in reaching this nerve root use is made of X-rays and once the desired position is reached the catheter injects specially formulated solutions at the focal point of the painful area.

When the solution acts it helps in dissolving scarred tissues and the swelling of tissue as well as any general inflammation begins to disappear. The end result is relief from the excruciating pain. It is often also necessary to leave the catheter in place for three days during which time repeated applications are given, after which the catheter is withdrawn and the patient will not need any further applications.

In case you are looking for back pain treatment you will need to consult a doctor who will study your case and diagnose the condition after which a suitable treatment will be prescribed. Other than that, some treatment options worth considering for severe chronic back pain include use of lasers, micro-lasers and electro-thermal therapy.