Sciatica Exercises Technique For Relieving Pain

The rear hip area all the way down to the legs is where the sciatic nerve lies . Sciatic pain is caused by different conditions . This should be usually referred to a Doctor but for those who do not have the time to visit a health care provider, exercises help . To bring up some of the energy from the pain, here are a few of sciatica exercises to help you with.

Stretching from knee to chest

This is one of the sciatica exercises that instructs you to pull your knee gently to your chest and the opposite side of your body . Hold on for 10 seconds if possible and eventually work your way up to 30 seconds . This would require you to lie on a hard surface or n the floor while having loose-fitting, comfortable movements to facilitate movement. Extend your leg without pain with your lower back on the floor and raise the painful leg, bending it at the knee .

Stretching of hamstrings

Another type of sciatica exercises that will make you lie on your back while keeping your feet flat on the floor and your knees raised . Pull your knee in your direction with the towel under it. Your hands can make up for support in this type of sciatica exercises if you don’t have the towel to assist you with.

Knee Twist

Stay flat on the floor while your knees are bent . From one side to the other, lower your knees with your feet intact on the floor. Your lower back should stay still as possible in this method of sciatica exercises.

Abdominal Crunches

This is not limited alone to have abdominal packs but also as a form of sciatica exercises. With your back flat on the surface, have your knees flexed and both arms crossed on top of your chest . Not clasping your hands will help you avoid in getting a strain to lift your body.

Leg Exercises and back extension techniques together with other means of exercises are parts of sciatica exercises . With this fitness methods, sciatic pain may be reduced and relieved in time for your Doctor’s appointment soon .