Ideas for Back Pain Relief Exercise

If you are one of the many people out there who are suffering from back pain, you are probably already aware of the many different medications that you can take to help relieve your pain, but what about the idea of back pain relief exercise? Back pain relief exercise is not only very effective in most cases, but as well it is all natural and you will feel good knowing that you are not pumping your body full of chemicals.

Medications are not only associated with various uncomfortable, unfavorable side effects, but as well they usually make the person feel unwell, often even sicker than they did when they were just dealing with their back pain.

Just as with pregnancy back pain relief, back pain relief exercise is crucial if you want to not only just find relief of your pain now but for the long term.


When it comes to back pain relief exercise, you need to be aware of the fact that not just any exercise is going to work here. there are only specific exercises that are going to be able to help relieve your back pain.

Stretching more than anything is going to be effective here, and almost everyone can benefit from stretching the soft tissues. All of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the back, legs, buttocks, and around the spine will benefit and improve from this, and patients with ongoing back pain may find that it takes several weeks or more to notice any improvement.

This is why you need to make sure that you do not give up on your back relief exercise, just because you may not be feeling better right away. As the saying goes, good things take time, and so you are going to keep it up and give it some time before you can expect to see any noticeable results.

Keep in mind when you are stretching or exercising that you should be wearing comfortable clothes that will not bind, and stretching should be pain free so if at any point you start to feel pain, you should not try to push through it and should instead stop altogether to avoid seriously injuring yourself.

If you are not sure how to go about this, one of the best things you can do is see a personal trainer. They are a professional who is specially trained in this area and who will not only be able to offer you advice on the particular stretches and exercises that you should be doing to gain relief of your back pain, but as well make sure that you are doing them right.

Ease The Aches With Stretching Exercises For Back Pain

When your back is really aching, the last thing you probably want to do is engage in any physical activity but that is exactly what you should do. Stretching exercises for back pain is the physical activity of choice when your upper to lower back is aching because if you do not get moving, at least a little bit, your muscles could stiffen up causing even more troubles.

Stretching in general is often not incorporated into your daily routine and sometimes it is overlooked when engaging in physical activity. There are exercises to prevent back pain from even occurring and other stretching movements that can prevent injury elsewhere too. By taking just few extra minutes out of your day, you could actually prevent quite a few of those minor aches and pains you may get throughout the day.

Stretching The Upper Back

Stretching exercises for back pain depend on where the pain originates or is located because sometimes lower back exercises may exacerbate the upper back. For upper back pain, sometimes it is actually the neck where the pain originates from so neck stretches should help. These types of stretching exercises for back pain start with you standing with both feet flat on the floor with your head forward and knees gently bent. Slowly, you move your head down so your chin touches the chest and then move your neck slowly from the left to the right before returning to the original position.

Shoulder stretching exercises for back pain can help as well and you start in the same position as the neck stretches. With your head leaned forward you roll your shoulders slowly, first starting with small circles and then graduated to full circles. Next, you reverse the direction of the rolls, as these stretching exercises for back pain will work a different part of the muscles. At least 20 slow rolls forward and then backward constitutes one set and you should do at least 3 sets and work your way up.

Mid To Lower Back Stretching

There are also stretching exercises for back pain like the hamstring stretch that helps alleviate lower backaches. You will need a chair or some other flat surface in which you can rest your leg straight out in front of you level. Stand and place one leg straight out and rest it on a chair and then slowly bend your standing leg until you feel a slight burning twinge behind the thigh of the raised leg. Hold your position briefly, return to normal position and then switch legs.

Back extensions are part of stretching exercises for back pain and consist of lying on your stomach. Next, you will leverage yourself up on your elbows while lengthening your back. Straighten the elbows slowly out while further lengthening your back until you feel a small stretch and hold the position. After a few seconds of these stretching exercises for back pain, you can return to your original position and repeat several more times.

Everyone Needs Some Back Pain Therapy Exercise At Some Point

Unless you are Superman, you are going to experience back pain at some point in your life, likely several times. Usually, back pain is the result of overdoing a certain activity, repetitive movement, a car accident, disease and a host of other factors. Back pain usually goes away within a few days to a few weeks but it is one of the most common complaints of patients visiting doctors. However, with back pain therapy exercise, you can avoid a trip to the doctor and remedy the situation on your own.

The Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is fast becoming one of the favorite ways to conduct back pain therapy exercise because it is versatile and people of all ages can use it. You can use this huge ball to conduct stretching exercises for back pain, specifically the lower back. The best way to use it is to lie on the floor with your head slightly elevated on a pillow and the heels of your feet propped up on the top of the exercise ball. Slowly lift your buttocks off the floor so that your body is straight at an angle to the ball and floor where your head is positioned. This back pain therapy exercise is one of many on the exercise ball that even physical therapists recommend.

No Tools Needed

There are back pain therapy exercise options that do not require any special tools or implements to ease the aches, just your body! For upper back pain, there is the pectoral stretch, which consists of standing in an open doorway and using both hands to grasp either side of the doorframe. Then, with the frame tightly gripped, you push slightly forward until you feel the muscles in your chest stretch and then hold the pose for about 15-20 seconds if possible. You would then retract and repeat the process at least 2 or 3 more times.

Another back pain therapy exercise consists of lying on your stomach with your chest supported by a small pillow. From there, hold your arms out in a 90 degree position from your body and then squeeze your shoulder blades together by raising your arms from their position This could take some time to get used to but greatly alleviates pain in the upper to middle back areas.

Inversion Table

The inversion table has been around for ages and is a popular way to conduct some back pain therapy exercise. You are strapped into this table and then it is inverted, based on the degree of angle you need. The reason why the inversion table is popular for back pain therapy exercise is that it works to increase the disc space between the vertebrae which in turn alleviates the pressure that could be pinching nerves or compacting discs.

Going the back pain therapy exercise route is the best place to start when it comes to aches and pains from the upper to lower back. Remember, a large percentage of people experience pain that can and will go away within a few weeks but you can speed up the process with back pain therapy exercise.

Stay Refreshed With Exercises To Prevent Back Pain

If you have been lucky so far when it comes to avoiding back pain, you cannot dodge that bullet for long. Many medical studies show that everyone has some type of back pain at some point in their life, so that clock is ticking for you. What you can do however is start some exercises to prevent back pain and put off that inevitable moment as long as possible.

The muscles in your thighs, back and stomach all work to stabilize the core of your body and if these muscles are weak or unconditioned, back pain is the result. Therefore, taking up exercises to prevent back pain and incorporating these main areas is a smart move that will keep your back happy for a long time.

Leg Raises Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

There are two types of leg raise exercises to prevent back pain with one requiring a position on your back and the other on your stomach. The prone leg raises starts on the stomach and requires that you lift one leg off the ground, as high as you can, typically a about a foot or two. You then hold your leg in this position for about 8 to 12 seconds before relaxing and repeating with the opposite leg then repeat the set five times at least two to three times a day.

The second leg raise exercises to prevent back pain start with you lying on your back with legs extended. Lift one leg up from the ground and hold the position for about 10-12 seconds then relaxing before repeating with the next leg. This set should be repeated five times and performed two to three times daily for maximum benefit.

Upright Back Stretch
Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

One of the easiest of exercises to prevent back pain is the upright backstretch, which starts off with you standing with your feet shoulder length apart. With your hands at pressed at the small of your back for support, slowly bend backwards as far as your back can bear it without bending your knees. The position should be held for about five seconds before relaxing and then repeating for at least five more times.

Back To The Wall Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

The wall can be used for a number of exercises to prevent back pain such as one called the wall slide. Start with your back against the wall with your feet apart then slowly slide your back down the wall while bending your knees slowly. Once your knees are at a 45-degree angle, hold the position for five seconds and then slowly release and return upright. Exercises to prevent back pain such as this should be repeated several times a day.

There are a variety of other easy exercises to prevent back pain that you can do but you might want to check with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure you choose the right ones. In addition, you might even learn about extra tools like the exercise ball that can facilitate your exercises to prevent back pain.