Chronic Back Pain Is The Top Ranked Form Of Pain

According to available statistics, back pain is the top ranked form of pain that most Americans feel. In fact chronic back pain accounts for an estimated twenty percent of illnesses and injuries in the workplace. Chronic back pain also means financial loss that is estimated to be to the tune of fifty billion dollars spent on diagnosing and treating the problem. According to the National Institutes of Health it is believed that as many as eighty percent of all Americans have experienced back pain during their lifetime, which shows that this is a major problem that needs to be dealt with effectively and properly.

Chronic Back Pain Occurs Over And Over Again

Chronic back pain refers to pain that occurs over and over again, goes on for more than ninety days, and may also be stimulated by simple and tiny movements. It has become evident that to treat the condition one has to look beyond just taking drugs or undergoing surgery, as a more integrated approach can often prove to be a better solution.

Treatment for chronic back pain is often individualized and most times a particular type of therapy will work for one person while being totally ineffective when used to treat another person’s condition. It may also become necessary to combine more than one type of treatment to provide relief from chronic back pain. It is also necessary to reduce inflammation and pain in order to restore proper functioning and strength in the back.

Treatment Options For Chronic Back Pain

Magnetic therapy is an effective treatment method that can alleviate the suffering from chronic back pain, as it will help to reduce inflammation. However, the body can also heal itself without any intervention – but this might take a lot more time. The advantage of using a bio-north magnetic field is that it will help in safely rebalancing the different electrochemical ions and it also helps to flush out unwanted toxins and fluids from the cells resulting in quicker healing time.

Other treatment options that can be used in order to handle chronic back pain include acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, osteopathic care and even certain kinds of physical therapy exercises. The amount of pain that is caused by chronic back pain is experienced differently by different people and so it pays to learn more about how to deal with not only chronic back pain, but also with conditions such as chronic lower back pain.

Chronic Back Pain Bottom Line

The bottom line with chronic back pain is that it is a problem that goes on and on. Another reason why it is referred to as being chronic is that it is long term and results in constantly feeling pain in the lower back. The worst part about dealing with chronic back pain is that it is semi-permanent and it can also sometimes prove to be very difficult to handle.