Upper Back Pain Exercise Eases The Ache Of Poor Posture And Repetitive Movements

Pain in the upper back is a common complaint and can be attributed partly to injury and partly to repetitive movements and muscle irritants. Poor posture due to constant ducking or even sitting for long periods of time is a big problem as well and all of these issues require upper back pain exercises to limber up your back and keep it strong.

Millions of people have pain in the upper back so you are not alone but the upper back pain exercise options you choose may be quite different from someone else. Swimming is pretty much a universal choice when it comes to working out the kinks, but you should consult with a doctor or physical therapist regarding a back pain therapy exercise just in case.

Preventing Pain In The First Place

Regular stretching before working out with different upper back pain exercise movements can actually prevent pain and injury but of course, not many people do this. Athletes are sometimes guilty for skipping the stretching portion of their warm-ups and that is what often opens them up to injury and pain. You can avoid the same fate by introducing some exercises that will limber up your upper body area.

The Pectoral Stretch

Your pectoral muscles in the front of your chest area are important to the overall support of your back. You can perform an upper back pain exercise that stretches this muscle group to accommodate more growth and prevent injury. To stretch this area, place your hands on either side of an open doorway and lean forward. Your weight provides the resistance you need as you feel the muscles tighten and then slowly stretch out. This exercise requires 3 to 5 repetitions with each one holding about 20 seconds.

Shoulder Blade Extensions

Another upper back pain exercise involves stretching the muscles around your shoulder blade area. With elbows bent and lined up on the side of your body, present your palms forward and then push your arms backwards, with the palms still facing, as far as you can. This exercise requires a hold of at least 10 seconds for each of the 10 repetitions you need to do.

Arm Extensions

You need a wall that you can place your back against for this particular upper back pain exercise or even a closed door. With your back to the wall, raise your arms up and down slowly as this motion will stretch those upper back muscles into shape. Fifteen to twenty repetitions are the average for your upper back pain exercise although you may have to work up to it, if you cannot handle it.

There are a plethora of exercise options to choose from for your upper back pain but don’t expect them to work right off the bat. Upper back pain exercise takes time, especially for serious injuries, to really aid in the prevention and treatment of injuries and other sources of pain.

Stay Refreshed With Exercises To Prevent Back Pain

If you have been lucky so far when it comes to avoiding back pain, you cannot dodge that bullet for long. Many medical studies show that everyone has some type of back pain at some point in their life, so that clock is ticking for you. What you can do however is start some exercises to prevent back pain and put off that inevitable moment as long as possible.

The muscles in your thighs, back and stomach all work to stabilize the core of your body and if these muscles are weak or unconditioned, back pain is the result. Therefore, taking up exercises to prevent back pain and incorporating these main areas is a smart move that will keep your back happy for a long time.

Leg Raises Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

There are two types of leg raise exercises to prevent back pain with one requiring a position on your back and the other on your stomach. The prone leg raises starts on the stomach and requires that you lift one leg off the ground, as high as you can, typically a about a foot or two. You then hold your leg in this position for about 8 to 12 seconds before relaxing and repeating with the opposite leg then repeat the set five times at least two to three times a day.

The second leg raise exercises to prevent back pain start with you lying on your back with legs extended. Lift one leg up from the ground and hold the position for about 10-12 seconds then relaxing before repeating with the next leg. This set should be repeated five times and performed two to three times daily for maximum benefit.

Upright Back Stretch
Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

One of the easiest of exercises to prevent back pain is the upright backstretch, which starts off with you standing with your feet shoulder length apart. With your hands at pressed at the small of your back for support, slowly bend backwards as far as your back can bear it without bending your knees. The position should be held for about five seconds before relaxing and then repeating for at least five more times.

Back To The Wall Exercise To Prevent Back Pain

The wall can be used for a number of exercises to prevent back pain such as one called the wall slide. Start with your back against the wall with your feet apart then slowly slide your back down the wall while bending your knees slowly. Once your knees are at a 45-degree angle, hold the position for five seconds and then slowly release and return upright. Exercises to prevent back pain such as this should be repeated several times a day.

There are a variety of other easy exercises to prevent back pain that you can do but you might want to check with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure you choose the right ones. In addition, you might even learn about extra tools like the exercise ball that can facilitate your exercises to prevent back pain.