Effective Natural Methods of Pain Relief

Chronic pain may or may not indicate a serious medical problem, but one thing is for sure; pain hurts. Some pain hurts enough that it gets in the way of daily life, leaving you exhausted, unmotivated and even depressed. While pain by itself may not be serious, the effects of living in pain can be. That is why it is so important to find effective methods of pain relief when that familiar hurt starts up, so life doesn’t have to go on hold until you feel better. While many assume that pain relief is most effective when it comes from a bottle of pain relievers, there are also natural methods of pain relief that can stop the hurt without the need for medication.

Pain Relief Exercise

It may seem that exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are hurting, but a regular exercise program can actually stop some pain before it even starts. Depending on the type of pain relief you are looking for, you can find exercises that will increase mobility, flexibility and reduce stress – a common pain inducer. For increased flexibility and balance, try yoga or Pilates. Both of these programs have proven effective in arthritis pain relief. For a great stress reducer, stick with regular aerobic activity or begin a strength training program. As long as you start easy and work up gradually, exercise can be a fabulous method of pain relief.

Hot and Cold Pain Relief

One remedy for pain relief that never seems to go out of style is the application of hot and cold packs to the sore area. But which one do you use when? Heat is generally used to bring blood into the area, promoting healing and relaxing the muscles. Cold has the opposite effect; it constricts blood vessels to reduce inflammation and pain in the area. Some people find that the best method is to begin with hot packs and then apply ice. Others find that simply alternating the therapies will bring sufficient pain relief. Never use heat or ice for more than 15 minutes at a time and never apply directly to skin.

Other Holistic Pain Relief Methods

Some people will turn to professionals for their pain relief when home remedies don’t cut it. This might include biofeedback sessions that teach you how to control your body functions and thereby manage some forms of chronic pain. Another method of pain relief is acupressure; an ancient Eastern practice that involves the use of very fine needles to treat pain and bring the body to a state of improved wellness. Hypnotherapy can also be an effective form of pain relief for some when it is conducted by a licensed, experienced hypnotherapist.

Pain is never easy to endure, but the good news is that there are natural forms of pain relief that can get you on the road to more pain free days and a higher quality of life overall.