Reviewing Aromhuset’s Julmust Syrup: Does It Measure Up as Premium?

We’ve recently received our hands on Aromhuset’s Zero sugar Swedish Yule, and it’s a game changer for those trying to limit our intake of sugar. Since the season of Christmas is underway and the holiday season in full swing, this sugar-free product allows us to enjoy holiday flavors without the guilt. Making your own soft drinks at home is now easier than ever before to mix malt syrup and hops with sparkling water, and voila!, a refreshing drink that’s vegan and diabetes-friendly!


Additionally, the versatility of this syrup is causing us to explore beyond drinks. The syrup has been added to ice creams, slush or even adding a little into cake batters and the result? Absolutely delicious! With just a 500 ml bottle that makes a whopping 12.5 Liters, it’s a remarkable value for money, and an excellent way to reduce wasted beverages.

The Core Summary

For a refreshing, easy taste of something new this Yule, Aromhuset’s syrup is definitely worth a shot. It’s an excellent way to stay hydrated and happy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

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Description of Zero Sugar Swedish Yule Julmust Soda Syrup Concentrate

If you’re searching to find a healthy, festive drink option, we’ve stumbled upon a gem. It’s called Swedish Yule syrup by Aromhuset allows us to whip up a refreshing drink at home without difficulty. Imagine the flavor of hops and malt in a soda without sugar that’s kind to your weight, with just 5 kcal per 100ml serving which makes it the perfect reward for people who are watching our sugar intake or managing diabetes.

It’s amazing how easy it is to transform plain carbonated drinking water into something extraordinary: just 40ml of syrup blended with 1L of sparkling water, and suddenly, you’ve got the perfect drink that’s full of festive cheer, without the sugar rush.

Beyond quenching our thirst, this versatile syrup is making its way into our slushies, chocolates, even baking endeavors, and has proven its usefulness. The bottle’s promise of delivering up to 12.5L ensures we’ll be enjoying lots of fizzy treats well into the New Year.

There’s just something about those pure, vegan-friendly ingredients which attract us back for more. It’s caffeine free, too, so you don’t have to worry about shaking your head as you curl with your fire. Overall, we’re convinced that this is a great find and is perfect for anyone looking to add the flavor of Swedish traditions to their drink choice.

Refreshing Drink with Sugar-Free Ingredients

We’ve recently made a unique homemade soda using Aromhuset zero sugar Swedish Yule concentrate, and it’s a delight to those who enjoy sweet drinks that don’t have guilt. The absence of sugar makes it an ideal choice for those trying to cut down on calories without sacrificing flavor. It’s only 5 kcal for a 100ml, and it’s vegan and diabetes-friendly too!

Making our personal batch was a breeze. Mixing just 40ml of the concentrate in one litre of sparkling waters yielded a refreshing beverage with an unique flavor due to the hops and malt. The drink was immediately a hit in our house. The flavour reminded us of festive gatherings yet fit for any occasion.

Some of the drinks did not hit the sweet spot. certain of us felt the soda a bit too for us to go over the artificial flavor and, in particular, if we did not follow from the mixing instructions. With a few personal adjustments to the ratio of syrup to water we discovered a sweet and balanced drink that pleased our taste tastes.

This Swedish drink is more than simply an alcoholic drink. It’s a useful addition to our pantry, making desserts as well as other sweets thanks to its distinctive flavour. Its value is unquestionable that one bottle is 12.5 bottles of soda, which is handy to keep in your purse over time.

Each glass takes us back to the traditional Swedish culture. Sweden And we can’t just not resist feeling a little bit of joy with each sip. A flavor that is inspired by Christmas, but that doesn’t have the sweetness? You can be sure that we are refreshed and delighted!

Make drinks with ease

Playing around in the kitchen never been more fun. We’ve had a lot of having fun playing mixologist while using Aromhuset Zero Sugar Swedish Yule. Imagine making your very own Swedish Yule soda in mere moments. 40ml of syrup and some sparkling carbonated water and you’ll have an enjoyable, sugar-free beverage. It’s a huge hit in our gatherings, as everyone is amazed at the simplicity of being able to prepare a large quantity without making a fuss.

There’s no doubt the convenience of making 12.5 Liters from a single bottle, keeping our refrigerators full and our thirsts sated for days. We’ve noticed that the syrup is quite sweet; in fact you can dial down the recommended amount of syrup will give a pleasant sweet drink, but not overwhelming.

An honest assessment is that a small portion who were not thrilled by certain of the more exotic flavors, observing a slightly synthetic aftertaste. However, there’s an overall consensus that for a natural, sugar-free option, this is a worthy alternative to standard soft drinks. It doesn’t matter if you serve it straight or adding a dash to your desserts, this syrup packs a ton of punch for all sorts of tasting experiments.

The Ultimate Versatility in Your Kitchen

We’ve uncovered that this Zero Swedish Yule flavouring syrup made by Aromhuset can be a game changer for those who love drinks like us seeking to add spice to our beverages at home. The thing that stands out with this product is its versatility. This isn’t just for making delicious sugar-free sodas; it’s an all-purpose delight that can be used to spice up slushies, Ice creams, as well as our weekend baking experiments using the distinctive hops, malt, and hops punch.

As a matter of fact, we were a bit sceptical about the authenticity of the sugar-free claim, but the flavour did not disappoint. The syrup is potent. A minimal amount is required per litre of sparkling water–making it last for longer than one would think. Some of our friends experimented using less than the recommended amount and still raved about the rich flavor.

We was able to detect a somewhat medicinal note when we overtook in the syrup-to-water ratio. But if it’s properly mixed this drink is a refreshing departure from the traditional cordials. It’s even possible to replace our standard fizzy drinks with this healthier alternative, with no sugar for Sunday brunches.

The ease of turning plain carbonated beverage into something so delicious, without the sugar rush is simply fantastic. It is possible to drink as many glasses as we want without guilt that keeps us hydrated as well as content!

This syrup’s utility extends beyond personal use. It’s a conversation breaker during parties too. It’s an incredible value by using just one bottle serving 12.5 L of soda. If we keep this on hand in the kitchen, you’re always at hand for any occasion or craving, which makes it a crucial staple in the cupboard.

Excellent Value For Money

We’ve had lots of fun playing with Aromhuset’s Zero Swedish Yule Soda Syrup. It’s rare for a balanced blend of economy and health consciousness all rolled into one. Making a refreshing drink at home is never easier. Simply adding the syrup to carbonated water gave us a refreshing sugar-free drink within a matter of minutes.

The thing that really increases the interest is how much the 500 ml bottle travels. It’s amazing to realize that from such tiny dimensions, we can make a staggering 12.5 L – which is a large amount of glasses to drink! Each time we sip, we were able to taste the subtle notes of hops and malt, offering a distinctive taste that feels indulgent yet healthy at only 5 kcal per 100ml of serving.

Although we found it to be delightfully close to some big-brand sugar-free colas especially when we played around on the ratio of water to syrup, certain people might find it too sweet or not quite enough for their tastes. This is an indication that tastes are subjective. But for us, it’s a win-win situation, especially due to its versatility. Not only for drinks, this syrup had us in the forefront of our desserts and snacks too.

It’s clear that this syrup offers fantastic value for money, striking a chord with both our taste buds and our budget. While not every flavor will be everybody’s cup of tea however with such a wide selection and cost that keeps us from pricier off the shelf varieties, we’ll surely keep this one on our shelves in the kitchen.


Pluses and Minuses


We recently had the privilege of trying out the Zero-Sugar Swedish Yule Soda Syrup. Let us tell you that it was a refreshing experience. The biggest benefit is the ability to make your own Swedish Yule fizzy drink at home. It’s incredibly easy to mix in just 40 milliliters of syrup in 1 litre of carbonated water and you’re good to go.

The syrup totally sugar-free and has a consumption of only 5 kcal per 100ml serving, making it a fantastic choice not only for those who count calories, but also suitable for vegans, diabetics, and even vegans. We’ve discovered that it has an amazing range of uses as it’s not just to be used in drinks, but can spruce up your slushies, ice creams and baked goods.

From one 500ml bottle we could make almost 12.5 Liters of drink it is definitely a value for the money. While tasting it, the distinct aroma of malt and hops provides it with a distinct flavor that’s distinct from common diet sodas.


Now, whilst our experiences have been mostly positive but it’s just fair to talk about the other side.

The balance could be a bit tricky and if you’re not getting the proper mix, you may get a drink that’s too weak or too heavy. In all honesty, the taste of a drink is subjective, and some users have complained about a malty aftertaste that they were not too keen on. Also, there’s feedback that despite having no sugar and no added sugar, some folks still thought it was a bit on a sweeter side..

As far as value is in the matter of value, some might find it to be a little pricey at first, compared to ready-made alternatives, which could cause a snub if you’re keeping an eye on your spending. Additionally, if are looking for that iconic tonic taste, this might not be your cup of tea or, perhaps, a drink of choice.

So, there’s it – our opinion on Aromhuset’s Sugar-Free Soda Syrup. The product is a success in many aspects but might not tickle everyone’s fancy.

Client Evaluations

We’ve had the pleasure to test the Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Swedish Yule, following a multitude of reviews posted on Amazon, it’s clear this isn’t just our first time to have located the perfect taste for the product. The majority of people agree that this syrup is very popular with anybody looking to indulge in sweet drinks without sugar, and with the addition of hops and malt.

Some consumers found it difficult believing that Zero’s soda wasn’t sugar-free, as they believed it was sweetened with sugar due to its absence of any aftertaste normally produced by artificial sweeteners.

There have been numerous reviews that have praised the syrup’s flavor, frequently even comparing it to popular colas they have praised it as an alternative that is healthier and doesn’t sacrifice the taste. It seems if you find the perfect balance while mixing, you might have your own new favorite soft drink. The users advise adjusting the syrup/water ratio to accommodate individual sweetness levels. You might start with less syrup then add more to taste.

On the flip side there are a few who have said that the flavor didn’t get the job done for them but didn’t have the expected “strong malty taste’. Price points also came in a couple of instances suggesting that it may be a bit expensive for a syrup. But when we look at health and the possibility of making our refreshing soda at-home It’s a reasonable trade-off.

Overall, we’re getting a lot of love for the taste and concept of drinking a diet-friendly drink. Yes, it may not be a miracle worker for soda for everyone, but it’s received the approval of a wide range of fizzy drink enthusiasts. Swedes adore it because it’s made with its original flavor, which has the original Julmust taste.


After having given these Swedish Yule soda syrup a go, we’re really pleased with the quality Aromhuset can offer. This is a distinct product designed for those who like making their own drinks without sugar at home. Our experiences with it have was refreshingly pleasant; we’ve discovered that just a few drops go a long way in creating the perfect, delicious fizzy drink. Although the flavor isn’t the exact copy of the classic colas available, it’s like it, and the spice of malt and hops provides it with a distinct edge that differentiates it from crowd.

However, do keep in mind the mixing ratios since it’s easy in excess to make it. The right balance ensures a delightful drink, but it’s not always too sweet if you’re overly-sweet. Additionally, the price could raise eyebrows. This isn’t an affordable choice there. For those searching for a sugary beverage alternative, this particular concentrate might be the perfect fit. While not everyone is thrilled by the flavor, with many expressing concerns that it was too synthetic or lacking in depth the experience we’ve had is more favorable. In the end, it’s a good recommendation from us. With an ounce of advice to take a taste and make adjustments as you proceed!

Frequently Answered Questions

When we are able to get our hands to a new item, it’s normal to have questions, particularly in the case of something such as this Zero Sugar Swedish Yule. We’ve tasted, sipped and written down the most pressing queries you could have about the fascinating drink.

What delectable flavours can you expect on julmust?

While we enjoyed an ice-cold glass of this festive drink to celebrate the holiday season, we were treated to the rich aroma of a symphony. The taste is similar to deep-rooted Christmas traditions with flavours of sweet malt and an underlying hops flavor, adding a satisfying depth that’s a wonderful change from your typical soft drinks. It’s intriguing, to say the least!

Is it possible that it is true that a Swedish beverage outsells Coca-Cola in sales during holiday times?

The truth is that it’s real! During the Christmas season, Julmust is a popular drink in Sweden that its sales typically outdo the sales of famous brands such as Coca-Cola. It’s not just a soft drink. It’s a vital part of the festive celebration, which makes it an effective competitor in this festive beverage market.

Do you think it is possible to be delighted in julmust while avoiding the ill effects of alcohol?

Absolutely! The Zero Sugar Swedish Yule we’ve sampled is a savoury, non-alcoholic indulgence. It’s a festive drink without alcohol making it possible to enjoy the flavour of yuletide while keeping your spirits sparkling and clear.

How do you describe the distinct essence of Scandinavian julmust?

Imagining a cosy Scandinavian Christmas, the julmust is a perfect complement to the atmosphere perfectly. Its distinct flavor is rooted in the warm malty and warm flavors combined with a subtle kick from the hops. It’s unlike anything else we’ve tried before. It’s an authentic representation of Christmas in the form of a glass.

What are people saying about Julmust soda on platforms like YouTube and Reddit?

Curiosity led us to online communities, where fans of JULMUST meet to express their thoughts. Over YouTube reviews as well as Reddit threads and discussions, the overall verdict is largely positive. The consumers appreciate the customizable nature of the syrup’s sweetness, sugar-free and the way it’s different from typical drinks.

Aromhuset could be one the only a few, or perhaps the only brand that makes use of the sugar substitute Sucralose that has no taste in their soda concentrate. It is most likely because of its cost. Always be sure to read the label on soda concentrates, to stay away from sweeteners such a such as acesulfame or aspartame among others.

The holiday spirit of Zero Swedish Yule packs a lot of cheer into each sip, giving us the chance to create our own sparkling Christmas wonder. It’s a testament to the satisfaction that comes from exploring something new. And maybe it’ll find a home in our traditions of Christmas!